Fur babies

So i havent posted in awhile sorry about that

But its been a busy couple of days sorting out the animals

Me and my fiance have recently adopted an adorable little guineapig called Timothy and he is amazingly chill!

Weve had a guineapig before his name was stevie and we adopted him too, however he was seriously obese when we got him and had loads of health problems but he was my first ever pet and i loved him so much, when he died i swore id never get another pig but its been awhile now and Timothy needed someone to love him and be his forever home and that just happened to be me.

We both love animals so much we have 5 now all together we have a collie pup called jess a rabbit called shadow a rat called scabbers (yes like in harry potter) and a mouse called Rodney. So as you can tell we have our hands full 

At the moment though we are keeping Tim well away from all the others whilst hes settling in to his new surroundings 

But for now that is all, best go and stock up on the kale… Happy sunday all x 


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