I had this dream

It was my wedding day & nobody turned up not just family & friends,  but the videographer & photographer

I was stood there in my dress & nobody cared nobody even said hello. It was like i was a ghost all kate bush wuthering heightsesqu. Like i had died but tried to come back just for my wedding day but everything was cancelled.

Ive never freaked out more in my entire life! I woke up having a panic attack! in a few months time im actually getting married and the idea of nothing going right scares the life out of me. 

This dream has been stuck in my head now ever since i woke up, so i thought sharing it on here would make me feel abit better. Now i’ve got it all down its less scary it feels more like a story book than a dream now like i am completely separate from it 

Does anyone else have dreams like this?


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